Dining Services

At Cadbury Commons, our Residents enjoy an elegant dining experience. Our Kitchen crew prepares a selection of fresh and flavorful options daily. Residents can expect an ever-evolving menu featuring a mix of traditional foods and seasonal specialties. Menus at Cadbury Commons feature cultural delights from around the globe. Most importantly, the Residents play a significant role in the design of our menus. Our dietitian consultant ensures that all menus meet the nutritional needs of our Residents.

Cadbury Commons offers fresh baked breads and desserts prepared on-site by our baker. Our experienced team prepares low sodium and heart healthy options at every service. Nutritional information is available to Residents and their guests, as well.

Assisted living in Cambridge, MA
We strive to offer Residents ample choices in their dining experience and we can accommodate certain requests for Residents with dietary restrictions. An experienced, caring team of servers understand that the focus of our dining experience is the assurance that all Residents have the opportunity to socialize with friends in our elegant dining room while enjoying an appealing, fulfilling, meal.